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Young Engineers

We have loved learning more about Technology and using all the tools in the workshop to make our trebuchet. We are really excited to start racing the Goblin cars.”

YE 2 editEvery Thursday night, the Technology Department is full of ‘Young Engineers’ from Year 7 to 9, who are interested in designing and making new and exciting things, in a fun and innovative way.  Led by Mr. Phillips, some of the projects you will be involved with include medieval catapults, called trebuchets and designing and making Go-Karts.

YE1 editThe current cohort of Year 8 Engineers are part way through the build of electrically powered Karts to be raced in fun and exciting racing events on the College grounds later this year.  The work introduces students to a range of interesting Engineering topics such as; structures, electronics, basic mechanics and aerodynamics.  Students are stretching themselves further by carrying out research and investigation into friction and materials in order to make their cars lighter and to go faster.

If you would like to be part of the ‘Young Engineers’ and to get involved in this very hands on club, speak to Mr. Phillips or to your Technology teacher.