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Students from Emmanuel College, Gateshead, have their sights set on world championships in Abu Dhabi.”

BH1 EDITStudents in Years 7-9 can compete in the Bloodhound challenge, which is a modified version of the F1 in Schools competition, aimed at getting younger students interested in the challenge. The main objectives are to design and manufacture a miniature drag racing style car and race it down a 20m track. The weight and aerodynamics of the car are crucial and teams will carry out research in these areas to design and make their best idea. When raced down the track, the bloodhound cars normally cover the 20m track in under 0.7 of a second, so blink and you will miss them!

BH2 EDITWe have been very successful with this competition as a College, winning overall Bloodhound winner at the 2014 Regional final among other prizes in previous seasons, see the ‘Past Awards’ page for more information . If you are interested in entering this competition, see Mrs Glover for more details.

More information about the competition can be found at

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