_V8A1896We encourage children to develop confidence, think creatively, and demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude.  This means that we have a personal best culture in which every individual focuses on being the best that they can be.

Personal targets, regular assessment, detailed reports to parents and the push to help each child achieve their very best are the core elements of our academic programme.  Children are placed in a class with those of similar ability, which helps them to reach their highest potential. There are rewards for effort and achievement against each individual’s personal best, as well as against national targets.

The College also makes significant provision for those requiring learning support, with the encouragement they need to achieve their very best.  Homework gives students regular practice in working independently of staff and other students. Work at home is also a necessary part of many examination courses which lay great emphasis on individual study and research. As such, the issues of homework and revision are key to students’ academic success.

An academic diary is issued to students to make an accurate daily record of their homework. Subject teachers will make time during the lesson to enable students to enter details of the homework, together with the date on which it is to be handed in. The diary is also a useful vehicle for communication with parents; tutors ensure that parents have signed the homework pages weekly and that any comments are followed up.