For students considering studying at sixth form from September, we are launching a programme of transition resources to help shape students’ thinking about which courses might be best for them. We would encourage all Year 11 students considering sixth form study in any school to participate in this programme. For those who are considering applying to the Emmanuel Sixth Form, participation is essential.

Below are some frequently asked questions about this process and you can submit to us here up to five subjects that you might be interested in studying at sixth form. These are not your final choices, just your top five for the moment.

I know which three A Levels I want to do at sixth form, do I have to select five subjects?

No! If you know exactly which three A Levels you want to do in sixth form, then just select those. The option to select five subjects is for students who are unsure at this moment about which route they would like to take, and this offers them the option to explore a range of subjects.

If I pick subjects now, can I change my mind later about which subjects I actually want to study in sixth form?

Yes. By selecting subjects now, you are not limiting yourself to the courses you finally apply for at sixth form. You can choose to apply for different subjects than you choose here, but obviously you might find the transition in September harder if you have been preparing academically for other subjects.

Do students actually do five subjects in sixth form?

No. The standard selection is for three A Levels only. Some BTEC courses count as multiple A Levels; for example BTEC Engineering is equivalent to three A Levels, BTEC Science and BTEC Business equivalent to two, and BTEC IT equivalent to one. Students who choose A Level Further Maths study four A Levels, but only in exceptional circumstances do students study more than three A Levels, and this is considered on a case-by-case basis.

What happens if I choose to do nothing and don’t enrol in any courses?

You will likely find starting work in September very difficult. Whilst involvement in these transition activities are not mandatory for students wishing to apply to the Emmanuel College Sixth Form, if students do nothing academically in the six months between March and September they will likely find starting academically rigorous courses very difficult. Every year, many students find the step between GCSE and A Level is the largest step up in difficulty they will encounter – and often harder than between A Levels and university. We would strongly advise students to engage seriously with this transition resources. There is not the time in sixth form to spend extensive time catching students up, and those students who choose to do nothing may find that they can’t get the grades they need by the end of Year 13.

I am not at Emmanuel College currently, can I take part in these transition activities?

Absolutely!  You will be most welcome to take part just as our Year 11s are. Every year we welcome, and are strengthened as a community, by students from other schools joining our Year 12 family. We would love you to start to get to know Emmanuel now by being involved in these transition activities. By registering you are not committing yourself to join Emmanuel College.