Home Learning

Monday 4 May 2020

Dear Parent and Carers

It has been a real privilege to lead Emmanuel College during this time of challenge and uncertainty.  All three of our ‘tripod’ groups (parents, students and staff) have been amazing as we have sought to take what we do in school, online and into our homes.  We have, of course, faced many difficulties and I know that for many this has been a very tough time.  I think we all have moments when we’re not sure how we are going to manage, which sit alongside more positive times, as we seek to enjoy the benefits of lockdown.

Having responded to a wide range of queries about home learning and having looked carefully at the responses to the home learning survey that we conducted just before Easter, we are launching today a new resource that we have put together to support families in engaging with online learning.  The first video below offers guidance on how to create a positive home learning environment, with a tool to help you plan your week and how to structure your day.  A second video includes information about how to navigate the ITSLearning platform to allow you to support your children in their learning.

One important change that we are introducing this week is that all work will now be set on a weekly basis.  This means that by Friday each week, the tasks for the week ahead will be available, in order to support families in their planning.  All tasks will be due at the end of the next week, so there is less pressure and confusion in relation to deadlines.


We are also launching today a weekly engagement report for parents so that you can be as informed as possible as to the extent to which your child is engaging with the online work being provided.  Each week, your child’s teachers will submit an engagement mark using a four-point scale as follows:

1 = Outstanding engagement
2 = Good engagement
3 = Some engagement
4 = No engagement

You will receive notification by email on Thursday of each week that the report showing the engagement grade given by each teacher is available on the parent portal.  This grade will reflect the engagement in work set for the previous week; however, the first report which will be published on Thursday 7 May will reflect the work completed in the previous two weeks.

Student welfare is of primary importance.  We recognise that many of our young people are struggling with the pressures of lockdown, feeling far away from friends and feeling like they are falling behind with work or that they are unsure how to make progress.  Please do get in touch if you feel that you or your child needs support in any way.  There are many good resources to be found on the welfare support page of our website about looking after your own wellbeing at this time as well as information about how to get in touch if you are in need.

Can I remind you that there are a number of ways you can get in touch if you need help:

  1. For general enquiries, including contacting the Principal, please email enquiries@emmanuelctc.org.uk
  2. For any enquiries about online working please contact academicsupport@emmanuelctc.org.uk
  3. For examination specific queries – remembering that we will not able to make any comment on the allocation of grades for summer 2020 – please contact exams@emmanuelctc.org.uk
  4. For any student welfare or safeguarding concerns you may have please contact welfare@emmanuelctc.org.uk

Yours sincerely

Matthew Waterfield