In Year 7 Geography, you will learn about our island home, the British Isles, and how we fit into the wider world. Through the use of maps, graphs and photos, we will be able to describe and explain different human, physical and environmental geographical aspects of our island home. We will then look at the weather and climate around the world, to explain reasons why the climate is different all over the world and how it affects us. Our locational study on China allows us to explore it as a locational point, the human and physical processes that occur within it and the different cultures it is home to. Our final topic of Year 7, River Landscapes, is littered with skills that allow us to explore the causes, impacts and responses of geographical phenomena. Through all of these topics in Year 7, we will seek to ask questions about our relationship with diverse places, cultures, resources and human and natural environments.


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July 2, 2021