Welcome to studying languages at Emmanuel!    You will have started your journey with foreign languages at primary school and you’re now getting ready to either continue with the language you have been learning or start new ones!

Look upon your Year 7 course as an adventure with language!  Your teacher will provide everything you need and support you throughout.  Remember though, that you’re not limited to what you learn in school; there is much on the internet and a range of apps which help make your language learning engaging and enjoyable. Learning a language is a little like learning how to play a musical instrument; the more you practise, the better you become. 

The Year 7 course aims to equip you with the structures and vocabulary which will enable you to express yourself fluently and accurately in everyday communication across a range of topics.  Being able to express your own ideas confidently is crucial and is something we hope you are excited about.  Of course, studying a language is not just about being able to express ourselves; we also need to be able to understand what we hear and read too. I’m sure you’re equally excited about discovering more about the culture of the countries where your chosen languages are spoken. Throughout the course you will be given an insight into different ways of living and thinking and we hope you’ll feel inspired to visit other countries and sample another culture for yourself.


Posted on

July 2, 2021