Frequently Asked Questions


Online questions and answers

We appreciate that not all of your questions may have been answered at this point, particularly about the first day of school. We do not yet know if the arrangements for the return of students to College in September will be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. We would like to assure you that as soon as we have the appropriate guidance this information will be shared with you as soon as we can. There are a number of frequently asked questions that parents and students often have and the answers to these are below.

Practical arrangements for starting school ​

Is there a regular bus service to college and how can I access information about them?

There is a scholar’s bus service that drops students off before 8.25 am and picks them up from the college turning circle every day during term time details of which can be found here. There is also a private bus company which serves the Newcastle area, details of which can be found here.

We recommend that you help your child to plan their route to college prior to coming to familiarise themselves with their journey to and from college. 

My child needs to wear something because of their religion. Is this allowed?

If there are any reasons why your child may need to observe a particular form of dress that does not comply with the college uniform policy then a letter of request must be submitted to the principal Mr Waterfield. ​

Where do I go on my first day?

On your first day of college, you should enter through the college main reception. You will be greeted by a member of the lower school pastoral team who will guide you to the assembly point for year 7. 

What do I need to bring on the first day?

On the first day, you will need to come to college in your full school uniform, which should be fully labelled with your school bag and pencil case filled with essential equipment. You will not need to bring your PE kit. ​

What happens if I get lost in school?

It is possible that you may get lost on your first day and even in your first week at Emmanuel, don’t worry it has happened to most of us – even the teachers! The college building is surprisingly easy to navigate and it normally takes just two or three days to feel confident finding your way around.  If you do just ask a member of staff or one of the sixth formers who you will recognise wearing a black blazer. ​

Catering Services ​

How do I pay for dinner?

In October 2013 we introduced a more convenient way to pay for school meals, trips and much more, using a secure online service called ParentPay.  This enables parents to login and add to their child’s meal account as often as they wish. Your child will have their finger scanned on their arrival at college and will pay for their lunch by having their finger scanned at the till on purchasing their meal. A meal deal which consists of a hot or cold dish plus a pudding is £2.40. We recommend that you help your child to budget for their meals on a daily basis. Access to ParentPay can be found here

My child qualifies for free school meals, how does this work?

Where students qualify for free school meals the appropriate amount is credited automatically each day.  If you would like an application form to apply for free school meals please phone college and ask to speak to the finance team.

My child has specific dietary requirements, is this catered for at Emmanuel?

The allergy information is clearly presented in the restaurant.  If in doubt students should ask the restaurant staff who will be happy to help.  Further details about our catering facilities can be found here 

Can my child bring a packed lunch?

Yes, your child can bring a packed lunch. We ask parents not to include fizzy and energy drinks as these are not permitted onsite.  

What happens if my child runs out of dinner money?

We do encourage our students to budget well for their meals so that they always have credit on their meal account.  We do understand that this can be difficult at first, therefore we encourage you to help them with this at first. You can log onto ParentPay to see clearly how much your child is spending.  Parent pay has a facility to email you to inform you when funds get low.   This way you can be confident that there will always be enough money in the account.


My child has special needs how do you support SEND?

The Head of Individualised Learning Mrs A Scott holds responsibility for ensuring that all students receive personalised attention appropriate to their needs.  We have a specific department set up with a professional team of qualified staff to support the needs of your child.  

We recommend that you help your child to plan their route to college prior to coming to familiarise themselves with their journey to and from college.

Will the school know about my child’s educational needs?

The Individualised Learning team will liaise closely with primary schools, at the point of transfer, and with parents to ensure that we have the most accurate information about your child’s needs.

Who do I speak to about my child’s educational needs?

Mrs A Scott is the Head of Individualised Learning, she works with a team of Learning Support assistants and student welfare officers.

My child suffers from anxiety, how will the school support this?

The Student Welfare Officers are a team of experienced staff who can support children who have these particular needs.

Merits and Rewards ​

How does the merits and rewards system work?

We encourage students to work hard to achieve their personal best in everything they do. When a student has achieved something outstanding, they will be rewarded for it through the college merit system. Teachers will award a student a merit sticker which is placed on their work or in the study file. The student then shows their sticker to their form tutor who will give them a sticker for their tutor merit chart which is displayed in their tutor group. The merits for each tutor group will be counted up at the end of each term. The tutor group with the most merits will be rewarded with house points and a prize


My child is really worried about getting a detention, how do detentions work?

We do hope that your child endeavours to avoid getting detentions but we do recognise that at times your child might need to be held to account for their actions if they do not follow the Student Code of Conduct. Exercised properly, discipline is positive and encouraging; it is to impart a set of moral principles for life so that students at Emmanuel College respect other members of the College community, come under the authority of the staff and conduct themselves appropriately at all times in line with the Student Code of Conduct. ​

If your child is issued with a detention they will be given a blue detention slip which should be signed by the teacher, their tutor and the child. Your child will be given at least 24hours notice of the detention to allow for communication with yourself. The detention will be served for one hour after school. The details of why your child may receive a detention may be found here in the college’s behaviour policy

The Lower School Pastoral Team regularly monitor detention data and implement further interventions to support your child further. 

Where to go for help

Where should my child go to if they need help with anything?

It is inevitable that at some point, particularly in the early days that your child will need help is some way and we recognise that the transition to a new school can and will be overwhelming. We always advise students that their first point of contact should be their form tutor who is experienced in helping their tutees in any way. We also encourage students to discuss any problems that they have with their parents. At Emmanuel College we endeavour to support all of our students in a way that enables them to grow and thrive right from the start of their journey here and therefore have a number of different ways to ensure that the transition from primary school is a positive and encouraging one. ​

With work:

If a student is struggling with work they should speak to their subject teacher who can support them with their needs Students are encouraged to use the College computers, library and other facilities out of hours between 8.00am and 5.30pm, where staff supervision is provided. The library closes at 5.00pm

With homework:

If a student is struggling with homework they should speak to their class teacher who will be able to support them. In year 7, there is a lighter timetable for the first half of the year, to encourage participation in co-curricular activity and to help students’ organisational skills. There is a daily after-school homework club and study support sessions for those who need it. ​

With belonging:

Students will be assigned a tutor group. The class tutor is someone who your child should go to if they have any problems at all. All students belong to a house: Corinthians, Galatians or Romans. There is a house assembly every week and opportunities for all students to represent their house in competitions. With developing leadership skills: Students will be encouraged to develop skills throughout their time at Emmanuel, and will record and track the ways they serve others ​

With organisational skills:

Students have a study file to help them be organised in terms of their workload and timetable. This is signed weekly by tutors and parents and is a primary means of communication. If a student is struggling with organisation, they should speak to their tutor. 

With bullying:

If a student is experiencing any form of bullying whether this is in school, online or in their journey to and from school, they should inform their tutor who may be able to deal with it or seek support from a member of the Lower School Team.

With pastoral needs:

Each student has a form tutor who is their first point of contact between home and school. The pastoral team will help provide further support, and there is always a member of staff on duty to support students, between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Parents can telephone to speak with a member of pastoral staff or to arrange an appointment to come in and discuss any concerns.

Communications and Policies 

How can parents communicate with college?

We welcome parents communicating with staff if there are any issues. Your first point of contact should be your child’s form tutor who can be contacted through the study file. You may also use this to communicate anything to your child’s teachers. If you need further support you can contact college by calling 0191 460 2099 or  via email

Where can I find your college policies?

You can find all of our college policies on the website by clicking here