Transition Week 1

College Curriculum

At Emmanuel College your child will be studying a broad range of subjects that will complement their education so far and challenge them beyond what they have already been taught at primary school. They may want to continue some of these subjects in more depth at KS4 or indeed in further education but during the next three years they will be able to study a wide range of subjects and topics. Your child’s time at Emmanuel is so much more than just about studying different subjects, and we believe strongly in the development of character throughout their learning. In light of this, our curriculum is designed to ensure all students achieve their personal best, develop their gifts and put these to good use into leading and helping others.

In September we will also launch our new personal development curriculum which we will share with you later this term. Below is a link to the curriculum pages which have been written by our Heads of Department. These pages outline the curriculum intent and curriculum content in each subject area.


College Policies

As a parent, you will of course want to know how the College approaches a number of topics, and prior to your child attending Emmanuel, it may be helpful to read some of our policies which you will find on our website.

Our policies outline our approach to the different aspects of College life such as Behaviour and Discipline, Attendance, Anti- Bullying, Character Development, Safeguarding etc. You may also be interested in learning more about our approach to the curriculum, teaching and academic achievement which is outlined in the policy document ‘Quality of Education’. We have many opportunities for young people to develop personally at Emmanuel College and throughout their career with us, your child will attend educational visits and our policies regarding visits are also available on our website.


How will my child’s classes be chosen? 

When students arrive at Emmanuel College in Year 7, they are placed in a number of different mixed ability groups in all subjects. After the first term, some adjustments will be made to groups to reduce the range of ability in any one class. The cohort is divided into two halves on the basis of which tutor group they are in (named X and Y) and then placed into one of four groups within each half.

During this process we will be liaising with Mrs A Scott, Assistant Vice Principal (Student Support) to ensure that we reflect the special or additional educational needs that students may have in the classes that they are allocated to.

Does your child have special or additional learning needs?

If your child has special or additional learning needs and you would like to discuss those with us, please contact Mrs A Scott (Assistant Vice Principal: Student Support) by email:

College Uniform

All uniform items are available to purchase via the new EAS Schoolwear online shop for home delivery (delivery charge applies). You can access the shop by clicking here.

The video and this link outlines the ways in which you can purchase uniform. For more information about the College uniform, such as style guides and uniform policies, please click here to view the uniform page section of our website.

How does my child travel to College?

Every morning fleets of buses bring students into College. Some drop students off at the top of Lobley Hill, while many others come directly into the turning circle. Most are operated by Nexus and go by the title Scholars Buses.  More information can be found Here   As parents, you are responsible for arranging your child’s travel arrangements to and from College. We certainly insist students uphold the reputation of Emmanuel when they travel to and from College.

Catching the bus to College can be one of the most tricky things a new Year 7 has to do. Fortunately, there will be many students in the same boat on their first day in Year 7. As the bus travels closer to Emmanuel more and more students wearing an Emmanuel blazer will be getting on.  As your child arrives at College in the turning circle everyone will get off so your child will simply follow the crowd and follow the arrows to their correct area. Members of staff will be around to assist the Year 7s as they get settled.  It is imperative that when students arrive at College, they come straight into the building, and don’t hang around outside. This is an expectation for all year groups. It is really important they know their bus number.

At the end of the day, when students are dismissed, they will catch their bus that dropped them off earlier in the day. Again, they will walk to the turning circle and then look for their bus.

If your child catches a bus that drops off and picks up at the top of Lobley Hill, at the end of the day they will follow other students to the crossing point at the top of the hill and join the queue at their bus stop.

Some parents pay for a private coach company to bring thier child to College. These drop off and pick up from the turning circle.  More information can be found here

These three tips below will help your child in the movement to and from College. Please share with them these tips to help with their start at Emmanuel College:

  1. Don’t hang around at the end of the day, you should move promptly to your bus stop.
  2. Make sure you know the number of the bus you need to catch home. Perhaps make a note of it and keep that in your top blazer pocket so you can easily and quickly check before you get on.
  3. Have a practice go during the summer holiday. This will reassure you and increase your confidence as we approach September.

As parents/carers, you also have the option to drop off and then collect your child at the end of the day. This must be done at Watergate Car Park as we do not allow parents’ vehicles onto the Emmanuel College site. The address for the car park is Watergate Forest Car Park, Gateshead, NE11 9RQ. There is a map of the student page which shows our new Year 7 how they will arrive into Emmanuel College from this drop off point.

If a student is unsure on what to do at the end of the day, they must just ask for help.  At the start of term there will be plenty of staff around to help, and sixth form students or other older students will always be happy to help.

Sixth Form

The Emmanuel College Curriculum

Vision, Mission and Virtues