Hello again Year 6. We hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit about Emmanuel College last week and the ways that you will be able to get to school when you start. This week, we are going to introduce you to the Year 7 Pastoral Team and the Year 7 area.

A pastoral team is a group of teachers who help you to grow as an individual personally as well as academically within your subjects. In the Year 7 Pastoral team we have Miss Dickinson (Head of Year 7), Miss Lown (Assistant Head of Year 7) and Mr Oakes (Assistant Head of Year 7). You would have met these three members of staff last week when you were exploring our interactive map. The Year 7 Pastoral Team have put together a short video for you to introduce you to the Year 7 area and to talk a little bit to you about how they will help you when you join the college community in September. 

Click play on the video at the side to have a sneak peak inside Emmanuel College’s Year 7 Zone. Some of our Y7’s have also helped out by giving you some advice from their experiences.

Getting to know your tutor

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about the Year 7 area and your pastoral team that will help you get settled into your new journey at Emmanuel.

What is a tutor?

As well as the Year 7 Pastoral Team, you will be supported by your very own form tutor. A tutor is the person you go to if you need any help in school. You will see this teacher every morning during registration, and they will help to guide you through this big step in your education.

If your tutor is not able to help or solve the problem, they work with Miss Dickinson and her team to try and find a way though any challenges you are facing.

In the next few weeks, you will find out which of the 8 teachers will be your tutor which is really exciting! You will stay in this tutor for the whole year alongside around 30 other students. In this group, you will look at personal development through Good Morning Emmanuel which will be your daily assembly, as well as finding out more about college life and the expectations at Emmanuel College inside and outside of the classroom. You will find out in a few weeks who will be responsible for helping you to settle into Emmanuel.

How do my tutor and the year 7 team work together?

This is a question that is really important to understand. Your tutor will be the first person you speak to when you have a problem. Your tutor will then try to help with this and if they can’t, they will pass it up to the head of year 7 team. Miss Dickinson (Head of Year 7) will then work alongside Miss Lown and Mr Oakes (Assistant Heads of Year 7) to direct one of them to look into and help with the problem.

Sometimes, things might be a little bit more serious or a little more difficult to solve. When this happens, Miss Dickinson will work with Mrs Hooker to try and solve the problem or maybe even the welfare and SEND team. You will meet these staff in two weeks’ time. 

The structure of the pastoral team

Underneath this paragraph, there is a diagram to show how the Y7 tutor team and the year 7 pastoral team work together.

On this, you will also see some other unfamiliar faces. These are the other heads of year and assistant heads of year. Each year you will change to have a new pastoral team so you will have a chance to meet the other staff over your five years at Emmanuel.

Exploring the Y7 Area

Below is a map of the Year 7 area which Miss Lown and Miss Dickinson have just shown you in the above video. On the map, it has pictures of the Y7 tutors and some fun facts about them. Follow the instructions below to explore the map:

  1. On the map, there are some interactive icons.
  2. Hover over the icons to find out about who the 8 Year 7 tutors will be.
  3. They will tell you all about what they do at Emmanuel College and also a fun fact about them. Some of the fun facts might surprise you!

Task 1  -Writing a Letter to your Tutor

We hope you have now found out lots of information about what a tutor’s job is and also some interesting facts about them as well. For the task this week, we are asking you to write a letter to your tutors. In this you may want to include:

  • The primary school you are coming from.
  • Your hobbies/interests.
  • Your favourite subjects.
  • What you’re looking forward to at Emmanuel.
  • If there’s anything you’re nervous about.
  • Any interesting facts about yourself.

You can use the structure that we have uploaded and fill in the gaps, alternatively you can write it all yourself if you want to challenge yourself.

When you have finished you need to send it into school with your full name on and your primary school name. You can do this by posting the letter to Head of Year 7, Emmanuel College, Consett Road, Gateshead, NE11 0AN or by emailing

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