Transition Week 2

Week 2 Introduction 

Welcome to our second week of transition, I hope that week 1 was useful in terms of gaining an understanding of our college, our values as well as practically how the start of the day runs. This week we will be helping you continue to prepare for September, with the information below detailing further practicalities such as uniform, lunchtimes and how the first week of term will look. We hope this will help you to logistically.

Lunchtime and Parent Pay

What happens at lunchtime?

After Period 3, 11.45am, all Key Stage 3 students prepare for lunch. Year 7 students are guided to the quadrangle by staff and line up in tutor groups. There is a rota system allowing fairness of going in first for lunch; this changes every day. Year 7 students have their lunch in the Loaves and Fishes restaurant. After students have finished their lunch, they can socialise with their friends in the quadrangle. The library and IT facilities are open for any student who wants to access them over lunchtime. There are several clubs that run over the lunchtime period.


What choices are there for lunch?

At Emmanuel College we are passionate about food and committed to prioritising our students’ health and well-being. We have banished lumpy gravy, abolished soggy sprouts and eradicated anything even resembling Turkey Twizzlers from our menus. We are fanatical about finding the freshest and tastiest ingredients and combining them to create delicious, healthy meals.​  We operate a cashless meal system to avoid singling out students who receive free school meals. Money can be added to accounts via Parent Pay, details of which will follow before September. Students are of course welcome to bring a packed lunch, however we encourage that these are healthy and balanced meals. Please note that sweets and energy drinks are not permitted in college.


College Uniform 

Uniform is an important part of being an Emmanuel student. It identifies students as part of our community as well as ensuring they are smartly presented and ready to purposefully learn.

Details for our uniform can be found here:

Explore Uniform                    Explore PE uniform

You will be able to login to the Uniform Shop and look at each piece of the uniform in more detail. Our expectations in terms of uniform and presentation are high and can be found outlined here in the uniform policy. It is important to be clear of these before September to avoid any inconveniences or loss to the college day in correcting uniform.

It is also important to understand the expectation of students wearing our uniform well when travelling to and from school. When wearing uniform, students are representing Emmanuel College and wearing uniform with pride outside of College is a way to demonstrate good character. Therefore, we expect students to follow the uniform policy when travelling to and from College as well as behaving in a way aligned to our expectations and values.

The School Uniform Shop within College is closed due to COVID-19. We will not be operating an appointment system or any open selling days. However, we have a new online uniform store, where you will be able to purchase your child’s uniform.

The video and this link outlines the ways in which you can purchase your uniform this year. For more information about the College uniform, such as style guides and uniform policies please click here to view the uniform page of our website.

What happens on my first day?

We know that your child may be nervous about their first day at Emmanuel Collegebut do not worry about this as this is a common thing for students starting at secondary school. We are sure that you child and yourself will have lots of queries about what will happen on the first day of school.

The first day at Emmanuel is Wednesday 8th September 2021. Students will be expected to arrive between 8.25 am. They will enter college via the quadrangle gates just off of Consett Road where they will be greeted by members of staff. All new students will be guided to the main hall where they will line up in your tutor groups. A register will be taken and once everyone has arrived, each tutor group will be taken to their tutor groups for the live stream of Good Morning Emmanuel.

After Assembly, the students will be given the opportunity to spend some time with their tutor group. During this time, they will get their timetable, study file and spend some time getting to know their tutor and the students in their class. Form tutors will use this time to look at routines for the week and what they can expect for the duration of their first week.

After the students have spent some time with their tutor, they will begin to follow your timetable and begin their first lessons at Emmanuel College following through the College timetable which is also outlined on this page.

What do I need to bring on my first day?

  • Full college uniform which should be fully labelled​
  • Their bag with essential equipment – this must be a plain, dark colour with minimal logos (see below)
  • Packed lunch or meal account topped up​
  • Bus fare money (If they are getting public transport​)
  • Students do not need to bring their PE Kit on the first day
Essential Equipment
  • A blue or black pen plus spares
  • A green pen
  • A HB pencil and a spare
  • A pencil sharpener
  • A rubber
  • Colour pencils
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A pencil case to house and protect all your stationery
  • A scientific calculator.   The maths team recommend a Casio fx-83GTX
  • A book for silent reading
  • A school bag to hold all your equipment

How is a normal day at Emmanuel structured?​

Probably one of the biggest changes your child will experience at Emmanuel College is the daily routine of moving from one lesson to another. Here is how the Emmanuel day is structured. ​

8:00 – Students may arrive on site. Most students will remain outside (unless it is raining)

although Sixth Form may come straight into College. Staff will meet together for a

weekly briefing at 08:00 each Monday.

8:25 – Tutor time: All students will be expected to be in their tutor rooms by this

time. Students who are not, will be marked late.

8:35 – Good Morning Emmanuel

8:50 – Lesson 1

9:35 – Lesson 2

10:20 – Morning Break

10:35 – Lesson 3

11:20 – Lesson 4 / Lunch for Year 7 – Year 9

12:05 – Lesson 5 / Lunch for Year 10 – Year 13

12:50 – Lesson 6

13:35 – Lesson 7

14:20 – Lesson 8

15:05 – Activities / Study Time

16:00 – End of the compulsory school day. School buses depart (16:07) and most co-curricular

activities end (students may remain in the library and open areas – Sixth Form may

remain on site).

17:30 – School closes to all students

What happens if I get lost?

Don’t worry if you get lost. Emmanuel is a big school and it is very likely that at some point in your first few weeks there that you will get lost but don’t worry as there are lots of people who can help. Ask any member of staff who is nearby as they will be more than happy to help. You can also ask one of our sixth formers who you will recognise as they will be wearing a black blazer which is different to your uniform. Sixth formers are always happy to help students when they are in need.

Here is a map of the college

Additional Information?

What is the role of a head of year?

The head of year supports the tutors in helping the students. Sometimes, when issues arise, tutors will triage this information and pass this onto the Head and Assistant head of year. This is where the Y7 pastoral team will step in.

What is the role of a tutor?

A tutor is a students first port of call in the morning.  They will see them twice a day and they are there to help and support them in this big transition.  They will be with the students for the next 3 years so together they will be able to celebrate success and work through any difficulties they may encounter.

Is your child eligible for free school meals?

If you think that your child is eligible for free school meals then please complete the form using the link below and return this form to us by emailing it to

What do I do if my child needs to leave school during the day for a medical appointment?

We highly recommend trying to book appointments outside of school time, however, we understand this cant be done at times. If your child has an appointment during the school day, a signed note must be sent in with the student and given to the tutor to explain the reason or absence. Your child will then be given an EXEAT which they will take to reception with them when it is time to be picked up.

Where can students be dropped off by parents/carers?

Students are expected to be dropped off in Watergate Forest Car Park which is a huge car park just a 2 minute walk from school. It is imperative that parents or carers avoid parking in the streets around the college out of courtesy for our neighbours.  The small car park below the college (used to access the Watergate fields and pitches) is out of bounds to students except the sixth form.  Cars should not be parked on the road outside the college.

If my child has a uniform problem, what should I do?

If your child is in college and has a uniform problem they need to speak to their tutor or failing that their head of year.  If something has gone wrong with their uniform at home then please send a note in with the students outlining the problem. They will pass this onto their tutor or for more serious uniform issues, their head of year. There may be some uniform we can lend your child, or if it is something that can be rectified immediately, we may ask you to work in a different area until the correct uniform is sourced.

If my child needs medication, what is the process for this?

Medication will need to be passed onto student welfare. Please bring this into reception where you will be asked to sign a medication in school form. This will mean that it is properly logged with the student welfare team regarding as and when the medication needs to be taken.

What is the procedure if my son/daughter has been absent from college?

If a student is ill on a school day a parent or carer must phone into college before 8:30am to outline the absence, this is important as we need to account for the safety of all students.   On return to college, students must bring a note from their parent or carer explaining their absence – this must be written to their tutor.

How do I apply for an authorised absence for a non-medical reason?

Emmanuel does not routinely authorise holidays during term time.  If a student needs time off College for a different reasons this must be communicated in advance.

For any absences regarding religious reasons, these must be written in advance to Mr M Waterfield (Principal).

For any other planned absences, these must be sent in to Miss J Dickinson (Head of Year 7)

What are the rules regarding crossing roads near Emmanuel College?

The roads around college are very busy.  Students are only permitted to cross the roads at the crossings at the top of Lobley Hill.

What happens if my son/daughter are ill during the school day?

If your child is ill during the school day they must report tis to their teacher. The schools welfare department will speak to the student and see if it is necessary to send them home. If students do need to be sent home, parents will be contacted to collect them at their earliest convenience.

What whole school events can I look forward to at Emmanuel College?

The 3 big events are:

  1. The Carol Service, normally one evening in the last week of term before Christmas
  2.  Presentation Evening, normally one evening in the last week of the summer term
  3.  Sports Day, normally a whole day hosted at Gateshead Stadium towards the end of the summer term

 All three events are compulsory for all students.