Welcome to week 3 year 6! This week we are moving on from looking at the pastoral team to thinking about what we will wear during our time at Emmanuel College.

Your school uniform that you will wear for Emmanuel College is likely to be very different to your primary school uniform. At Emmanuel College, we are very proud of the uniform that we wear. This means, we wear it correctly and we wear it with delight. As 1 of 240 Year 6s to join us in September, you have an amazing opportunity to wear this uniform and feel a part of the Emmanuel College community.

This week, you are going to have the opportunity to look at the two types of uniform and also be given a challenge from one of our PE teachers that you are going to tackle as a tutor group.

Getting to know your School Uniform

Now it’s time for you to have a look at the uniform you will be wearing. Below we have Martha and Josh who are two of our current year 7 students at Emmanuel College. We have made then interactive for you to have a look at. Read the instruction below to find out more about our school uniform:

  1. Move your mouse over the blazer.
  2. A box will pop up that tells us about the blazer and how to wear it.
  3. Continue to do this for the other bits of uniform and find out more.

Task 1  – PE Challenge

This week Miss Walker has set you a PE challenge. For this challenge you will be working in tutor groups. Follow the instructions below to be able to do this:

  1. Every time you go out for a walk record the number of steps you are completing.
  2. When you have finished your walk, you need to send in the number of steps you have completed that day. Ask your parents/ carers to open the Microsoft form here and add on your name, tutor group and your number of completed steps.
  3. The Year 7 Pastoral team will then update the totalisers on this page so you can see how well you are doing alongside the rest of your tutor group.

Why don’t you see if, as a tutor group you can try and climb one of the mountains we have listed below. This is a really big challenge, but we are sure, by working together, you will be able to do this!

Mount Everest

260,235 steps

Mount Kilimanjaro

128,263 steps

Ben Nevis

22,197 steps

Rainbow Mountain

27,000 steps

Sixth Form

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