Transition Week 4

College Curriculum

At Emmanuel College your child will be studying a broad range of subjects that will complement their education so far and challenge them beyond what they have already been taught at primary school. They may want to continue some of these subjects in more depth at KS4 or indeed in further education but during, the next 3 years they will be able to study a wide range of subjects and topics. Your child’s time at Emmanuel is so much more than just about studying different subjects, and we believe strongly in the development of character throughout their learning. In light of this, our curriculum is designed to ensure all students achieve their personal best, develop their gifts and put these to good use into leading and helping others.

In September we will also launch our new personal development curriculum which we will share with you later on this term. Below is a link to the curriculum pages which have been written by our Heads of Department. These pages outline the curriculum intent and curriculum content in each subject area.


How will my child’s classes be chosen? 

To ensure that your child is placed into the most appropriate classes we will be using the following procedure to create their timetable. Under normal circumstances, we would use a wider range of assessment data such as the year 6 SAT’s results however this year as you know we will not be provided with this data. This year, the standardised age score from the non-verbal reasoning test all students took last autumn as part of the application process will be used initially. During this process we will be liaising with Mrs A Scott, Assistant Vice Principal (Student Support) to ensure that we reflect the special or additional educational needs that students may have in the classes that they are allocated to.

Does your child have special or additional learning needs?

If your child has special or additional learning needs and you would like to discuss those with us, please contact Mrs A Scott (Assistant Vice Principal: Student Support) by email:

Sixth Form

The Emmanuel College Curriculum

Vision, Mission and Virtues