Welcome to week 5 year 6! We’re almost through our whistle stop tour of what Emmanuel College will be like in September. This week we are moving on from looking at the curriculum we have at Emmanuel College to thinking about what support is on offer to you when you arrive at your new secondary school.

When you arrive at Emmanuel College, it will be very different from your primary school. Some of these differences may be:

  • The College is a lot bigger than what your primary school was.
  • It may be that you will have a lot more teachers than you did in primary school.
  • It could be that there are more students in your year group than what were at your primary school.

We can imagine that some of you are really excited for this change. However, we also know that some of you will be feeling very anxious and nervous. At Emmanuel College, we have a fantastic team of staff who will help to support you through your years here. Your main support will be your tutor and your year group team. However, sometimes, some students may need a little more support. This is when our student support teams come into place.

This week, you’re going to learn about the structure of the support team and how they will assist you during your time at Emmanuel College. You’ll get a chance to meet them later on this page. As well as this, one of our welfare team has made you some tasks to have a go at to help you prepare for the new start in September.

What is Student Support?

The Student Support team is an experienced group of staff who seek to help students who are facing challenges either with their education or in school. It is split into two teams that work closely together: Student Welfare and SEND.

The Welfare Team

The Student Welfare team is based at the bottom of the main stairs near reception. They are there to support you with all sorts of problems from first aid concerns to safeguarding concerns. Things you might come to talk about in Student Welfare include:

  • Having concerns about your own mental health
  • Being worried about a friend’s mental health
  • A safeguarding concern (for example, you think you or someone else is in danger or not safe either in school or somewhere else)
  • You are worried about your physical health (for example, you’re not sleeping or eating) but don’t know how to talk about this.
  • You have an ongoing medical condition that needs to be managed.

What can the welfare team help me with?

The Student Welfare team will talk to you about your concerns and help you come up with ways to cope with the situation. They may refer you on to someone who has more experience dealing with more serious issues. Sometimes they will help you fix your problem. Unfortunately, in life there may be problems can’t just be fixed (one such example is a bereavement) but you need someone you can trust to help you deal with what is going on. The team are able to offer coping strategies so you can build up your own resilience.

The SEND Team

The SEND team help students who find there is something holding them back academically or they have different learning needs. They make plans with you and your parents or carers that are shared with teaching staff so everyone you work with knows the best ways to help you learn. They may also work in your lessons with you and others in your class, or lead smaller group sessions out of class. Sometimes students need work adapted because they have a physical impairment and the SEND team will help organise this. Even the most intelligent of people can have SEND and we all need help from time to time to help achieve this. A lot of these smaller groups take place in ALP (the Alternative Learning Provision room).

Who is in the student support team?

Below this paragraph, there is a diagram to show how the student support team works together under the supervision of Mrs A Scott (AVP). On this, there may be some unfamiliar faces. You will have a chance to meet these in the videos later on or when you join us in September.

Transition from Primary School to Secondary School

Below we have included a video that might look at some of the worries you may have on the transition to secondary school. Have a watch and see how different people may be feeling about this change. It’s really important that we understand that everyone will have different thoughts and feelings about changing schools. There will be lots of people in your new school to help you and this video will tell you all about this.

Task 1  –Preparing for September

Mrs Scott has created some tasks for you to have a go at this week. You can pick one of the three tasks or have a go at completing them all. Follow the instructions below to be able to do this.

  1. Research: Can you find out any famous people who have Special Educational Needs? What is their condition? In your opinion, does having a Special Educational need hold you back from achieving the same goals as other people?
  2. What is the biggest thing that you worry about? What advice would you give a friend to help them to manage their worries?
  3. Optional extra: Research mindfulness. What is mindfulness? See if you can complete one ‘mindful’ activity and write about what you did and how it made you feel.

Task 2 – Welfare Tasks

This week, Mrs Cowey (Welfare Lead) has created some tasks for you to have a go at. These tasks aim to calm any anxieties that you have around starting secondary school and also give you hints and tips on how to help yourself.

You may have completed some tasks similar to this before. However, if you haven’t, that is also completely fine. To access the tasks follow the following instructions:

  1. Click on the links below with the name of the task.
    1. Activity One – Embracing Change
    2. Activity Two – Finding Support
    3. Activity Three – Helping Friends
  2. Read the instructions and complete the activity.
  3. Keep hold of your work and bring it in with you when you arrive in September.

You do not need to complete all of the tasks. You may pick one that particularly interests you. Why don’t you have a go at one that you’ve not seen before. Enjoy!

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