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Achieve more than you ever thought possible at Emmanuel College Sixth Form
Welcome to the Emmanuel College Sixth Form. Our Sixth Form provides academic excellence and a wealth of opportunity to support students in becoming the best version of themselves. No two students are the same, therefore no Emmanuel Sixth Form journey will look the same. You will carve your own path during your time with us, pursuing the future you want.

We celebrated a fantastic set of A Level and vocational results in 2023, confirming that Emmanuel College is one of the North of England’s top performing comprehensive schools for Sixth Form provision. The percentage of grades at A*/A or equivalent was 34% and the percentage of grades at B or above was 67%. Both percentages were an increase on the pre-pandemic grades of 2019. The average grade achieved at A Level was a B and the average grade for vocational subjects was a Distinction.

Emmanuel is a community, a place to feel and be safe, a place where you can flourish. You can become the person you want to be and we strive to make that dream come true.

On this page you will find a wealth of information about what life is like in the Sixth Form at Emmanuel College. Whether you are currently in Year 11 at Emmanuel or at another institution, we really welcome your interest in finding out more about what we have to offer.

Below you will find a link to our prospectus and the courses we offer at Emmanuel College.

Thank you again for taking the time to explore what life is like in Emmanuel Sixth Form, and hopefully look forward to welcoming you in September!

You are more. You are Emmanuel. Your future starts here.

16-19 Discretionary Bursary

All students, depending on their financial circumstances, may apply for a bursary.  There are two categories of bursary, the first recognising those students facing personal financial constraints and the second in support of students where household income may restrict educational opportunity.

  1. Students who are not living in the parental home, are in care, or are personally in receipt of Income Support, Universal Credit or Disability Living Allowance are eligible for a bursary of £1,200 per annum paid by instalments of £400 at the start of each term. Contact the College with the relevant documentary proof.
  2. For those living at home where the household income is such that there are financial barriers to attending Sixth Form, College has a small discretionary fund from which bursaries are awarded. For example, students who are in receipt of free school meals can apply for a bursary.  This bursary is aimed at assisting with the cost of school meals, travel expenses, cost of compulsory trips or specialist equipment and so forth.  The criteria for receiving one of these bursaries are detailed on the application form but consideration is given to other families facing unexpected hardship due to particular circumstances.  Priority will be given where a Tax Credit Award Notice shows a household income of £30,000 or below but individual cases will be considered above this.

If you believe you may qualify for a discretionary award, then you and your son or daughter need to complete the Application Form for Mr B Wood who will make the initial assessment.

Please note that your son or daughter will only be able to make an application once a place in the Sixth Form has been verified and they have been issued with an individualised Office 365 e-mail address.  It is therefore important that you retain all receipts for items purchased in order that your son or daughter can be reimbursed if they are subsequently granted an award.  Once an award is made claims can be submitted on the appropriate Bursary Claim Form.  Please retain your uniform receipts if you intend to include this expenditure in any claim from the Discretionary Award bursary.  Bursary payments are paid termly in arrears.  Receipts for expenses are to be submitted during the term and payment will be made at the end of each term.  It is important to note that continued receipt of the bursary award is conditional upon a student meeting the terms of the Learning Agreement.

The full 16-19 Discretionary Bursary Award Policy is available on the College Website.

The size of bursaries will depend on the number of people applying for our fixed sum; you must return your application by 30 September each year.

Courses at 

Emmanuel College

A broad and balanced curriculum is at the heart of our Sixth Form provision. We offer a wide range of subjects to cater for a range of student interests and ambitions. Alongside traditional A Level subjects such as English, History, Politics and Maths, we offer an array of creative subjects, including Art, Drama and Graphic Communication. We are committed to vocational education and provide a wide variety of courses. Last year, we added three new subjects to our curriculum: Psychology, Health and Social Care and Applied Law.

BTEC Extended Diploma in Engineering

(Equivalent to 3 A Levels)

BTEC Extended Certificate in IT

(Equivalent to 1 A Level)

BTEC Diploma in Science

(Equivalent to 2 A Levels)

CTEC in Sport and Physical Activity

(Equivalent to 1 A Level)


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