Want to join Emmanuel College?

Student Admissions

Emmanuel College is a Christian ethos school for the whole community seeking the transformation of society. We welcome young people from all backgrounds and of all abilities. While Emmanuel College is for everyone, not everyone will think, or will know, whether Emmanuel College is right for them, so it is clearly important for all parents to have a good understanding of the College before their child applies. That’s what this section of our website is for.

You may want to come and visit the College on one of our open evenings. You can find the dates of these events here. Of course, feel free to browse our website where you will find plenty of helpful information about what it is like to be an Emmanuel student.


Application Form

To download an application form to join Emmanuel College in Year 7 please click here. The closing date for Year 7 applications is MIDNIGHT 31 OCTOBER of the year preceding the proposed year of entry. Students currently in Years 7 to 9 who wish to apply for a transfer to Emmanuel College can do so by filling in this application form, to be added to our waiting list. Our admissions policy can be found here; this includes full details regarding our catchment area and the application process.

Shown below are the most frequently asked questions by parents.

How do I apply for a place at Emmanuel?
You will need to complete an application form, available from our reception or downloaded and printed at home from here, and returned to us. If you are returning by post, please include a stamped, addressed envelope so we can send you a confirmation of receipt.
I’ve just moved into the area, can my child transfer to Emmanuel?

All year groups have a waiting list. Should a child leave we look to replace them with a child of a similar ability. Please click here to fill in the application form and then email admissions@emmanuelctc.org.uk and provide the following information for your child:

  • Their SATs results from key stage 2
  • A copy (electronic or paper) of their most recent school report
  • Their attendance report for the previous academic year
When is the deadline for applications for Year 7?
You can apply any time after your child’s 9th birthday although no preference is given to early applications. The deadline is 31 October of Year 6.
I missed the deadline for applications, can I still apply?
Yes, but late applicants will only be considered for a place should we be unable to fill the places we have available from applications that were received by the closing date.  Each year we are heavily oversubscribed so the chance of such a place being available is very small.
When will I find out if my child has a place at Emmanuel?
We will confirm places by 31 January of Year 6, at the latest.
Does my child have to pass a test to get a place at Emmanuel?
No. Emmanuel College takes students of all abilities. All children who apply for Year 7 take a non-verbal reasoning test (taken on the 2nd or 3rd Saturday in November each year). This is used to provide an indicator of their ability, in order that we take children from the full range of abilities into each year group. The test cannot be passed or failed.
My child has special educational needs, will they get extra time or help with the test?
Not normally. The test is designed to provide an indicator of ability and it’s important to know what that is without assistance. If you have further queries about this you should contact the admissions officer.
My child has limited understanding of English, will they get extra time or help with the test?
Not normally. The test is designed so that children with limited English will be able to access the test but again, if you have queries about this you should contact the admissions officer.
I've heard there is an interview, what does this involve?
In the past, we used invite all applicants in for a 15-20 minute meeting with a member of staff, during which time they would be asked some questions to assess their aptitude for technology, but this is no longer the case. When children come for the non-verbal reasoning test they will also take a short aptitude test for technology.
Do I have to pay to go to Emmanuel?
No. Emmanuel College is a City Technology College, this means it is an independent school that is free to go to. We are funded directly by the government.
Do siblings get a place automatically?
Not necessarily. We do seek to keep families together but will only do so if we can also fulfil the admissions criteria of a full ability range and social mix that represents our catchment area.
Do staff children get a place automatically?
No. Staff must live within the catchment area and have worked at Emmanuel for over two years or have recently been recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.
Emmanuel College is my closest school, will I be given a place over someone who lives further away?
No. Proximity to Emmanuel College is not a determining factor when places are allocated.
We are practising Christians, will we receive a priority place over children from other faiths?
No. Religion is not a determining factor when places are allocated. Please do not go to the trouble of obtaining references or letters of support from church leaders as these will not be considered as part of the application.
How are places allocated to those who apply when you are oversubscribed?
Where there is more than one child from the same ability band, as determined by the non-verbal reasoning test, and from comparable postcode areas, as determined by the grading on the Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI), we use information from the technology aptitude test to identify the children most likely to benefit from the technological emphasis of the College.
My child wasn’t offered a place, can I appeal?
Appeals can only be made should there be clear evidence that the College has not adhered to any particular part of the admissions policy. Written appeals can be made to the Principal for the decision to be reviewed. Such written appeals must be received within two weeks of the postmark on the College letter stating that the child has not been offered a place. You should make clear in your letter where you believe the College has not adhered to the admissions policy.