Holistic Care

At Emmanuel College, we are committed to care holistically for the students entrusted to us. In order for students to flourish, in achieving their personal best and growing in character, they need to be supported both in their academic work with regard to pastoral care. To care for students pastorally without recognising the importance of academic achievement does our young people a disservice; we are unapologetic about academic excellence. Similarly, a focus just on academia would neglect wider avenues of support that our students require in order for them to achieve their best academically.

At Emmanuel College, students are supported primarily by their tutor who sees their tutees twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. There are 52 tutors in the College. All College tutors are teaching staff, and include Heads of Departments and many staff with other College leadership responsibilities. Tutors are the first contact for parents and carers who have any concerns or worries. Tutors support students with initial pastoral, organisational and academic issues. They also provide more tailored support to students who are either on daily report sheets or undergoing weekly monitoring.

Tutors also provide the moral foundation for the College day, helping to instil the College’s Christian ethos and enabling students to grow in character. They do this through tutor reflections, which explore the themes of the week’s assemblies. These reflections encourage students to reflect on a Bible passage, and questions arising from said passage.

Leading each year group (Year 7-11) is a Head of Year who is supported by the Assistant Head of Year. These teams are responsible for ensuring that student conduct and standards of uniform are exemplary. They also support students in helping shape them to become leaders in our society and thus ensure that they grow in character both inside and outside the classroom through the personal development curriculum. After the tutor, the Heads of Year are the next point of contact should there be concerns. The Head of Sixth Form, Mr Clarke is supported by a team of pastoral leaders who provide support to students in a similar way to the pastoral teams in Years 7-11. In Sixth Form, an extra layer of support is provided through academic tutors. Each student is allocated a member of staff as an academic tutor who is there to help guide students through the various crucial steps as they apply to university and prepare for life beyond College.

Students who are on the SEND register, or who need extra bespoke academic provision, are supported by the Individualised Learning team, under the leadership of Mrs Scott, Assistant Vice Principal: Student Support (SENDCO). This team supports students both in lessons and with specialist IL provision.

Some students need a different kind of support, because of various challenging situations they face, which could be health related, but could also involve other issues that affect a student’s wellbeing. Students who need more support in this way are referred to the Student Welfare Team. Mrs Scott, Assistant Vice Principal: Student Support, leads this team, aided by Student Welfare Officers. The Student Welfare team is focused on providing tailored provision that aims to ensure that a student’s academic progress and character development is not hindered by concerns that could otherwise have a detrimental effect on their well-being and time in College. Mrs Scott is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead, and teacher responsible for Looked After Students.

Mr Steer (Acting Vice Principal) is responsible for ensuring that behaviour and attitudes and personal development of students is exemplary and has strategic leadership responsibility of the year group pastoral teams (Year 7-11) and the Head of Sixth Form as well as the Student Welfare team. Mrs Scott is the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Mrs Gill is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs A Scott

Assistant Vice Principal
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A Gill

Head of Student Welfare 
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss B Walker

Head of Year 7


Mrs G Buckley

Head of Year 8


Miss J Butterfield

Head of Year 9


Mrs E McAloon

Head of Year 10


Mr P Ingham

Head of Year 11


Mr G Clarke

Head of Sixth Form


Mrs A Scott

Assistant Vice Principal: Student Support (SENDCO)

Mrs H Murthy



Sixth Form

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