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Vision and purpose 

At Emmanuel College, we believe in human beings’ outstanding potential, creativity and capacity for good as people made in the image of God.  Secondly, we believe that our students’ work should be characterised by the pursuit of excellence as they seek to make the most of the gifts and talents that they have been given. Therefore, we want all students to access the best possible educational and job opportunities for them once they finish Emmanuel College. In order for this to happen, provision in College needs to be exemplary from Year 7 onwards.

This is the vision of Emmanuel’s ‘Futures Programme’; exemplary provision in careers and higher education advice, learning, networking and experience throughout their time at Emmanuel, providing an outstanding platform from which students can, with appropriate guidance and care, make wise choices for their life after College. The futures programme helps young people to develop the skills, confidence, and knowledge that they need to make well informed, considered choices and plans that enable them to progress into further learning and work.

Futures is one of the five core themes of the Personal Development Curriculum. The curriculum is underpinned by threshold concepts which students encounter through the planned programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG). We are committed to ensuring that the Futures Programme meets the Gatsby Benchmarks so that all students have access to high quality CEIAG. In addition to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks the Futures Programme is planned to ensure that the 6 career development skills identified by the Career Development Institute are embedded through the activities and opportunities that all students have.


Emmanuel College has a statutory requirement when delivering the Future Programme to ensure that information about learning options and careers is presented impartially and that advice promotes the best interests of all students. This policy sets out the Futures Programme and how it is planned, delivered, monitored and reviewed. The Futures Programme aims to:

  • Provide high quality independent and impartial careers advice to all students which raises aspirations and motivates them to consider a broad range of careers to fulfil their potential.
  • Empower young people to plan and manage their own futures
  • Give careers and labour market information and advice that is up to date
  • Respond to the needs of each learner, supporting inclusion, challenging stereotyping and promoting equality of opportunity
  • Provide opportunities to work in partnership with employers to inspire students through real-life contact with the world of work.
  • Provide opportunities to access a range of further and higher education institutions, training providers and others to ensure students are informed of all available pathways including technical education qualifications and apprenticeships
  • Develop enterprise and employability skills including skills for self-employment
  • Support students at key transition points
Our Core Offer

All students at Emmanuel College are entitled to receive high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance delivered through the Futures Programme.

The core offer for all students includes:

  • Access to independent and impartial careers guidance. By the age of 16 all students will have received at least one independent guidance interview and at least one more opportunity by the age of 18
  • Advice and support tailored to the needs of each student
  • Activities which seek to challenge stereotypical thinking and raise aspirations
  • Lectures and lessons that demonstrate the links that the curriculum has to careers including in STEM subjects
  • Employer encounters through a comprehensive range of guest speaker appearances, which will mean all students have at least one encounter with an employer each year including STEM employers
  • Experience of the workplace through visits to a range of different industries, which will mean all students have at least one experience by the age of 16 and an additional opportunity by the age of 18
  • Opportunities to speak with/visit a range of further education, higher education, and training providers
  • Access to careers information via Global Bridge, ITSLearning and Good Morning Emmanuel
  • Access to alumni through the website and through alumni visits and presentations
  • Promotion of local labour market information in the library
  • Parental support and guidance through the website and parental engagement events at key transitions

Emmanuel College Careers and Future Program

You can read the full Careers Programme Information on our policies page by clicking here.

Careers and Futures Contact

Mr Cowling (Assistant Vice Principal: Personal Development)

Telephone: 0191 460 2099

Emmanuel College, Consett Road,
Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE11 0AN.

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