Business Studies

The foundation of Business Education is economic awareness and understanding.  Economic awareness and understanding involves an appreciation that the basic problem faced by all individuals, communities and societies is one of scarcity – wants and needs continually outstrip resources.  Economic issues are generated by attempts to solve this basic problem of scarcity and students should be aware of the various factors which influence these economic decisions, including value judgements.

As members of society students will come into contact with businesses as consumers, producers and citizens.  Life will be made much easier for students if they:

  • know what is going on within their world
  • develop an understanding of the world of work
  • appreciate the value of continuing education and training
  • appreciate the role of ICT
  • appreciate the potential damage that can be caused by ICT
  • appreciate the consequences of actions such as seeking better working conditions or higher wages
  • appreciate the value of working to help and support others
  • develop the skills to think for themselves
  • know how to use skills to make money
  • become aware of their power, or lack of it, as workers, consumers and citizens
  • become informed consumers.


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Business Studies
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