Our curriculum intent: why we teach what we teach in English

  • Students will learn to identify and explore the impact of language, structure and context within a range of texts, varied by purpose, genre and form. Students will also learn how to develop their own written voice, exercising variation of sentence structures and interesting vocabulary. Furthermore, the training of written accuracy prioritises grammatical and technical precision, developing expression and tone for the purposed aim and audience.

  • Students will be able to read, interpret and infer, establishing their own impressions and opinions. We want our students to be able to nurture critical thinking, widening their perspectives and uncovering both explicit and implicit meanings. We seek to ensure our students are analytical, deducing the effects of the writer’s craft as well as be confident in their evaluation of character and theme. In their writing, students will be able to form structured, technically accurate responses with clarity, interest and imagination.

  • Students will become confident communicators, adopting language, style and expression in both written and spoken contexts. We aim for our students to become discerning critical thinkers who are capable of understanding and empathising with different points of view.

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Year 7

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Year 8

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Year 9

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Year 11

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