Our curriculum intent: why we teach what we teach in Geography

  • Students will learn to recognise, love and be able to explain the variety in landscapes and cultures across the globe and within the North East, and to understand the relationship between the environment and humanity. We want students to comprehend and grapple with the trajectory humanity is on in how we are causing damage, on a local and global scale, to the environment and what needs to happen to reverse this damage.

  • Students will be able to appreciate different cultures and to think critically and sensitively about other people’s views and practices, which might be different from their own. They will be able to collect and gather information accurately through the use of basic scientific equipment and by studying a range of diverse sources, and be able to interpret the data that they have observed or sources studied, confidently presenting this information to others and making informed decisions based on their findings to understand causes, make links and explain patterns.

  • Students will become true global citizens, compassionate about people around the world, and committed to protecting our environment for future generations. They will be determined to be part of a worldwide effort to stem the destruction of the natural environment and courageous in their efforts to reach across cultures and nations to promote tolerance and partnership in tackling tomorrow’s global problems.

“The classroom is a jumping off point not an end point for education: how can you know how this land was shaped and formed, and how choices that people made in the past determine the lives we live now, unless you’ve had the chance to study geography and spend some time seeing how the world (is) shaped?” [Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, 15 January 2014]

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