Our curriculum intent: why we teach what we teach in Geography

  • Students will learn about their place in the world, on both a national and international scale, as well as on a local scale, within the North East. Students will seek to ask questions about their relationship with diverse places, cultures, resources and human and natural environments.

  • Students will be able to appreciate different cultures and to think critically and sensitively about other people’s views and practices, which might be different from their own. Students will be able to collect, analyse and interpret a range of information accurately through the use of geographical skills. In doing so, students will be able to critically analyse the causes and impacts of geographical phenomena.

  • Students will become true global citizens; compassionate towards cultures around the world, whilst striving to hold past and present generations to account for the challenges we face on a local and global scale. Students will be equipped with transferable skills, supporting other subject areas and allowing them to become holistic and critical thinkers.

“The classroom is a jumping off point not an end point for education: how can you know how this land was shaped and formed, and how choices that people made in the past determine the lives we live now, unless you’ve had the chance to study geography and spend some time seeing how the world (is) shaped?” [Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, 15 January 2014]

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Year 7

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Year 8

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A Level Geography

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Sixth Form

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