Within the Drama Department students are encouraged to have a sense of the importance and value of creativity, drama, theatre and the arts within our society. They understand that acting  is a challenging yet rewarding profession; it is a vocation not a vehicle for fame and Drama GCSE and A Level Theatre Studies are the academic and practical training for further education or employment. Students are challenged to achieve their personal best, set high standards and to take a fully active part in being responsible for their learning and for the learning of others. The group work nature of the subject encourages students to work collectively and independently, negotiating with and supporting others whilst working to deadlines; all key skills for life. Dramatists cannot imagine world without creativity, imagination, social interaction or just applause for a job well done. In a world where the spoken word is reduced to texts Drama brings the art of conversation, dialogue and character to life, allowing us to view the world around us through the scenes presented on a stage. as Shakespeare wrote…

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”


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