Our curriculum intent: why we teach what we teach in Drama

  • Students will learn to develop academic knowledge of drama and theatre through history, and the importance of creativity and the dramatic arts to our culture. Students will also gain extensive knowledge of the vocal and physical skills of an actor and the techniques in approaching devising drama and scripted theatre.

  • Students will be able to develop skills in acting, devising, performance, public speaking, presentation and theatre design.  Students will learn to collaborate and engage in creative learning with others to produce outstanding, thought-provoking work.

  • Students will become articulate, confident, highly skilled performers who can appreciate the value and importance of the dramatic arts. Working collaboratively, students develop the courage to ‘take risks’ in their performance, exhibiting a determination to do it well, and the humility to learn from and encourage others.

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Year 7

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Year 8

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Year 9

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Year 10

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Year 11

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A Level Drama and Theatre

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Sixth Form

The Emmanuel College Curriculum

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