Our curriculum intent: why we teach what we teach in Music

  • Students will learn that music is a unique form of communication and creative expression. They will develop knowledge of the history, structures, conventions and techniques of music as well as an appreciation of the most influential genres, cultures, composers and musical periods.

  • Students will be able to develop their listening & appraising, composing and performing skills in music, both individually and collaboratively. They will learn to engage analytically and practically with music from different genres and cultures, performing and communicating meaningfully about their musical experience.

  • Students will become become confident, skilled musicians who can appreciate the value and importance of music in our world. Students are determined to achieve their personal best in composition and performance and develop the humility to learn from and encourage others.

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Year 7

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Year 8

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Year 9

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Year 10

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Year 11

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A Level Music

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Sixth Form

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