The Music department at Emmanuel College is a vibrant and active place. In both our classes and co-curricular activities, we strive to inspire each and every child to explore their confidence and creativity.

In the classroom, our primary goal is to make learning a musical instrument accessible to all students. We believe that every child has musical potential, whether they arrive at the school with a background in learning a musical instrument or not, and this shapes our teaching and lesson planning in a way that ensures all can achieve their personal best.

Within our wide range of co-curricular activities, we promote and encourage a path towards satisfaction which is obtained through practices rather than purchases. We hope to develop a culture which is contrary to the demands of instant gratification and we take pleasure in seeing a child surprise themselves with what they are capable of. We aim for students to develop a mind which is patient and hopeful for what can be achieved with perseverance. Within this motivating and stimulating environment, we hope to discover a child’s creative calling.


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