Coming to Emmanuel?

We are thrilled that you have chosen Emmanuel College as the secondary school for your child. We are looking forward to welcoming them in September. Before this, we will be working with your child’s primary school to prepare them for this important time in their lives.

The transition from primary to secondary can be a daunting experience for many students. With the continuing effects of the pandemic on children’s resilience and emotional wellbeing, transition is more important than ever in supporting them to make this step successfully.

The transition programme from primary to Emmanuel College aims to:

  • Build children’s confidence and resilience through the transition process.
  • Support children to maintain their attainment and engagement in lessons.
  • Practice routines that will be expected in secondary school.
  • Provide a supportive environment that encourages positive friendships with other children which reduces the likelihood of child on child abuse.
  • Build familiarity and excitement by getting to know the staff in school who will support them.
  • Reassure parents that transition will be a positive experience.

You may already be familiar with our vision and core virtues having researched Emmanuel College and chosen this school for your child. This transition programme is underpinned by that vision, meaning that we will ensure that each child is valued, challenged, and inspired. This is because we believe that all children are ‘made in God’s image’ and are therefore infinitely precious, gifted for a purpose and morally responsible.

We have high expectations of each child because we know that they can all achieve a personal best with the right care, support, and quality of education. We also know that parents and carers need to agree with and understand this vision and our expectations so that we can work positively together to ensure your child thrives and flourishes. Therefore, our transition programme provides opportunities for both parents and carers and children to get to know Emmanuel College.

Mr N Ogborn

Head of School

Sixth Form

The Emmanuel College Curriculum

Vision, Mission and Virtues