It is difficult to think of a more important and interesting time to study and understand Economics whenever daily blogs and news feeds continuously bring us updates about national and international economic affairs.  In every area of economics, and often when you least expect it, you will find paradoxes, rich insights, unusual ideas and applications, controversy and debate, and a fascinating outlook on the world around you.

Ultimately, economics is a study of “how man earns a living” – in other words, a study of how consumers, firms and governments make choices from the available alternatives that determine how resources are allocated.  The subject has a very strong and rigorous theoretical foundation, much of it fairly mathematical in character, though it is the combination of theory and empirical observation that enables economists to develop their understanding of contemporary problems and policy choices.

The Economics department aims to provide a learning experience that is topical, inspiring, stretching and enjoyable, working hard to ensure learning takes place in a supportive environment.  Most lessons are discussion based and encourage students to develop an ability to argue their own opinions using economic theory with logical analysis.  Students are encouraged to challenge the conventional wisdom in the classroom, to question what is being taught and to have the confidence to take issue with their teachers and explore different arguments.

University admissions tutors look for intellectual curiosity and a wide-ranging view of the subject.  With this in mind, students are encouraged to act on this advice by participating in enhanced enrichment activities such as The Bank of England Challenge and the RES essay writing competition.

‘Mr Clarke started his G Conomics YouTube channel in February 2015 to provide students with online revision materials which they could access during their summer study leave. Over time the channel has developed to serve a lot of other purposes, including raising the profile of economics within schools and student engagement,

The channel has been endorsed by OCR and a direct link to the channel from the OCR website can be located under the External Resources tab,’.  The study of Economics at Emmanuel College features as one of OCR’s case studies,

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