The study of history is key to helping us understand how and why we live in the world as it is politically, culturally and economically.  The aim of the history department is to encourage students to be enthusiastic about their heritage and how the past informs the world around them.  We also aim for students to develop a knowledge of key events and people from both British and world history. At Key Stage 3 they will gain a broad overview of historical events from 1066 to 1945.  Those students who choose to study GCSE history will be able to develop further topics and themes from twentieth century world history.  At A Level students will have the opportunity to study an in-depth topic based around medieval history.

The history department also aims for students to develop key historical skills such as writing essays and using evidence as a historian. As students progress in their historical studies they will have the opportunity to use these skills in a variety of situations either as part of their classroom learning or as assessed work through homework and formal assessments.  The type and style of assessment will be explained to your child at the beginning of each academic year.


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