College policies

Emmanuel College is responsible for writing and regularly reviewing its own set of policies covering all aspects of the school’s life, routines and procedures.

Policies are informative, working documents which aim to establish excellence in procedures and practice and which educate and empower those that work within the organisation.

On each policy document, the date of the most recent review and the date of the next scheduled review will be recorded so that no policy becomes out of date. In addition to individual schools’ policies, a number of policies govern the running of Emmanuel Schools Foundation which can be found here.


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Emmanuel College
  1. Admissions and Appeals Policy 2024-25
  2. Admissions and Appeals Policy 2025-26
  3. Accessibility Plan
  4. Attendance Policy
  5. Bereavement Policy
  6. Behaviour and Discipline Policy
  7. Careers Programme Information
  8. Child on Child Abuse Policy
  9. Equality Objectives
  10. Home School Agreement
  11. Pupil Premium Statement
  12. Privacy notice – students under 16
  13. Privacy notice – students over 16
  14. Privacy Notice – Covid-19 Testing
  15. Quality of Education
  16. Quality of Education in the Sixth Form
  17. Relationships and Sex Education Policy (Part B)
  18. Rewards and Recognition Policy
  19. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
  20. Self Harm and Suicide Policy
  21. SEND Policy
  22. SEND Information Report
  23. Student Code of Conduct
  24. Student Uniform Code
  25. Study file – Yr7-11
  26. Study file – Yr12-13
  27. Supporting students with medical conditions
  28. Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation
  29. Young Carer Policy 

    ESF Policies

    In addition to individual schools’ policies, a number of policies govern the running of the Foundation, including: Charging and Remissions Policy, Complaints Policy, Staff with Benefits in Excess of £100k, Union official staff, Gender Pay Gap, Freedom of Information publication schemes, Apprenticeships Target, Health & Safety Policy, Modern Slavery Act Statement and Whistle Blowing Policy.

    ESF Accounts

    ESF accounts can be found on the foundation’s Annual Accounts page.

    Sixth Form

    The Emmanuel College Curriculum

    Vision, Mission and Virtues