Travel Information

From September you may be travelling to and from College using a different mode of transport to last year, and of course the guidelines for some modes of travel have changed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It is important that you are able to travel to school safely, not just taking into account the public health guidelines but also the changes that have been made to the College site, the new parking arrangements and any risks associated with a specific mode of travel.


Entering the College Site:

  •  Always use the designated entrance for your year group to enter the College site.  This will mean that you can move to your arrival area quickly and safely.
  • Use the markers on the ground to keep a clear distance from other students until you reach your arrival area.
  • Teachers will tell you when it is time to start moving into the building; this will be at approximately 8.20am. You will then go straight to your tutor room. Always follow the route into College that you are asked to use.
  • Remove your coat before you enter the College building and put it in your bag.

Scholars Bus Timetable

  • Check the timetables for your route.
  • Wear a face covering when travelling on the bus.
  • Be prepared with the right change for your fare, some buses may accept contactless payments but not all will so have change available too.
  • When you arrive at or leave College use the main reception entrance keeping a clear distance from other students.
  • Allow Year 7 students to board the bus first.

Car Travel

  • Parents/carers should use the Watergate Forest car park(NE11 9RQ) when dropping off or collecting students, only buses will be allowed access to the turning circle.
  • Students should then walk to their designated entrance, keeping a clear distance from others.
  • Upon arrival on site move immediately to your arrival area.
To ensure the safety of students we politely fully ask that parents:
  • Do not stop or park on the yellow ‘Keep Clear’ lines outside of the College entrance; this is illegal and potentially hazardous.
  • Do not park outside the houses on Consett Road or on Malvern Gardens as this not only jeopardises the safety of our students but also causes unnecessary inconvenience to residents and serious embarrassment to the College.

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