A day in the life of an MEP

On 6 February, five language students from Year 12 visited Strasbourg to experience a day in the life of an MEP in the European Parliament.  The students won a place on the prestigious trip after making an informative multi-lingual rap to the tune of ‘In My Feelings’ by Drake.  At the EU Parliament, students sat in the seats of real MEPs, listened to speakers of different languages and voted in polls.  A special mention goes to Lauren Bailey for introducing our country at the front of Parliament to over 500 students from across Europe – in German!  In the afternoon, the students had to make their own teams of different nationalities and answer questions from all 24 languages from EU member states.  Later, the students formed smaller groups to discuss the topic of immigration.  Well done to Abid Choudhury for leading the debate for our team! 

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