As we wish our Year 11 and 13 students a fond farewell, the Staff and Students of the Technology Department are undoubtedly earning their upcoming summer break!  The department is very much, a hub of excitement and source of inspiration throughout the College.  Years 10 and Year 12 are engrossed in their GCSE and A -Level courses and the lower school is experiencing many exciting opportunities and activities across all fields of technology.

technology 3In Year 7, the students have successfully completed their final rotation and their end-of-year examinations.  They have been very busy, creating personalised mobile-phone holders by using CAD and CNC Laser Cutters, as well as preparing for their year-end Health and Safety project.  Northumbria Police also visited, where they discussed Health and Safety in the workplace, including a demonstration about the specialist Personal Protective Equipment they wear as part of their role.  Tyne & Wear Fire Service will also visit before the end of term, to highlight their work in the community and the essential equipment that they use on a daily basis.  Matthew Spoors (7 Honey) said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive learning, and this has helped me to understand how it impacts our lives and given an insight into their work in the Gateshead area.”

The Year 8 students have also been engrossed with their end-of-year project, while preparing for the prestigious Derek Esp award, where they deliver a presentation which promotes a product which has dramatically improved health and safety globally.  Additionally, they have designed and manufactured retro-style cloakroom storage systems as well as participating in a year-wide poster competition, which will be professionally printed and displayed around College.

Year 9 students have commenced their individual GCSE subject options, with a large number of students studying at least one subject from the Technology carousel of Electronics, Resistant Materials and Engineering.

Year 10 is absorbed deeply in its practical assessments, varying between the electrical, mechanical, woodwork and metal projects, with some very close to completion.  Many of the students have technology 1responded positively to their projects.  Olivia Wade (10 Peterson) said: “I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with different equipment, machines and CNC processes, which I haven’t used before.  I have developed my own skills and surprised myself with the standard of what I have produced.”

technology 2As part of the College’s Outreach Week, students from all different year groups, have been combining their skills to manufacture products, including domino packs and decorative key hangers, to be sold at the upcoming College Summer Fair.  Year 8 participated in the school ‘Techno-Challenge’ where they collaborated within their Tutor Groups to build two vehicles, one for speed and one that could climb steep gradients.  This also included an opportunity to create a team identity which allowed the groups to express their individuality, while supporting their Houses.


Reece McNeill, 12 Clegg and Nadira Ahmed, 12 Roberts