Celebrating success in the Maths Challenge

Tuesday 16 May 2023

On 3 May, a number of Emmanuel College students attended an event at Newcastle University to celebrate their success in the annual Newcastle University Maths Challenge.

Rosie (Year 10) and Elliott (Year 9) received prizes for their outstanding solutions – both of them came in the top 44 of 855 entries! Arthur (Year 9), Ava (Year 10) and James (Year 8) also received certificates for the quality of their entries. A special commendation went to Arthur and Elliott for the quality of their presentation, which Mr Lawrence described as the best he had seen in all his years of running the Maths Challenge!

The evening concluded with a lecture by Dr Lee Fawcett on ‘The Mathematics of Extreme Weather Events’, which was both interesting and very relevant to our changing climate.

Congratulations go to all who entered the competition and especially to our certificate and prize winners!