Cheese Press champions brave the caves!

Friday 10 February 2023

Eleven intrepid explorers from Years 8 and 9 headed to the Yorkshire Dales in February for an underground adventure through the Long Churn cave system.

After donning wetsuits and caving suits, the group made their way past Alum Pot and entered the limestone system with a crawl into Diccan Pot.  After dropping through some tight squeezes, they were soon faced with the climb into the formidable Cheese Press, a gap only 10 inches tall and 15 feet long.  For the first time on an Emmanuel visit, one by one everyone went into the press, and an incredible nine of the eleven reached the other side, and those who didn’t gave it their very best shot.

Buoyed by this amazing performance of courage and determination, they worked well to help each other climb up and down waterfalls and along the streamway, completing the traverse of Plank Pool and avoiding a soaking at the Double Foot Shuffle.

Re-emerging three hours later, all could be very proud of pushing themselves way beyond their comfort zone and achieving so much together.  Remember to sign up for the next Outdoor Education adventure!