Crawling through the caves

Monday 28 February 2022

In early December, a group of Year 7 students travelled to the North Pennines for an introduction to caving.  Zack Soones (7 Briggs) reports what they got up to:

“This was a trip I learned a lot from.  I learned what self-control means when we turned our lights out in the depths of the cave and remaining still and silent.  We saw cave spiders defending their eggs, which were hanging inside balloon-shaped, white, fluffy sacks.  We also saw lots of Orange Herald moths clinging to the roof.  I learned how the caves were made from water dissolving the limestone.  The best part was when we had to crawl to the end of a long narrow tunnel and then crawl backwards to get out.  It was a dark walk back to the minibus, but all the stars were out and we saw Venus.”