Dazzling designs at the Faraday Challenge

Tuesday 25 January 2022

In November, we welcomed the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) into College to host two exciting days for 72 students from Year 8.  Based on a real-world problem, the Faraday Challenge aims to bring together STEM subjects in an engaging way and encourage the development of young people’s problem solving and communication skills.

This year, students were tasked with designing and prototyping a product that will help improve the lives of children and parents currently using the Alderhay Children’s Hospital.  Creative ideas were conceived and innovative designs were drawn up, and in the end the very worthy winners on day 1 were Jessica Jobson, Holly Jackson, Isabel Lou, James Straughan, Rosina Newton and Kaylah Bianchi.  They designed a room mobile, that would help to entertain and occupy small children staying in hospital a long time.  On day 2, our winning team was made up of Jack Brown, Tommy Davison, Sophie Evans, Katie Henry, Ty Hutchinson and Lola Shanks.  They designed a device that would turn the pages of a book for someone who would like to sit up and read in bed but couldn’t use their arms.

We now eagerly await news from the IET to see if their scores were highest in the region for them to progress on to the next round of the competition.

Participant Sid Bhandari said:

“I think that my favourite part was dealing with the money.  I want to be an accountant in the future, so I liked keeping records of the money.  There was a shop which sold all the parts that we needed to make our products for different amounts of money.  We had 120 units of money and returns were all half price, so I really liked paying and keeping tabs on the things we bought.  Competing in the Faraday Challenge taught me lots about teamwork and how to grow as part of a team.”

Sid Bhandari