FT, FLIC and a film-crew!

Tuesday 6 June 2023

Spotlights, clapperboards, and scripts aren’t something we see every day at Emmanuel College.  So, when the Financial Times charity descended on College in mid-March, we had to get used to it fast!

As a College, we benefit greatly from the Financial Times for Schools programme, which offers free online subscriptions to students aged 16–19, their teachers and schools around the world, and to colleges of further education in the UK (https://www.ft.com/content/7ab6a9ec-1e4e-11e8-aaca-4574d7dabfb6).  It’s an invaluable resource and something which our Economics students engage with at least once a day.

The economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic forced millions into unemployment and financial insecurity.  Meanwhile, a bewildering array of financial products leave the financially less literate vulnerable to exploitation and debt.  Hence, the FT established its first-ever charity, the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign (FT FLIC), to provide free and engaging content to those who need it most.

Head of Economics, Mr Clarke, was thrilled by the suggestion that students at Emmanuel College should be involved in a pilot programme of FLIC’s resources which are intended to be the basic building blocks of financial life management.  The day was to be documented by a film crew, and subsequently used as part of FLIC’s promotional material.

It turned out to be a fascinating day for staff and students.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and were bursting with optimism, creativity, and entrepreneurialism.  Many thanks to the team from FLIC for this unique opportunity!