High-flying ideas at the IET Faraday Challenge

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Imagine taking part in a nationwide, team-based, real-life Engineering challenge, the brief of which is not revealed to you until the morning of the competition!  This is exactly what faced a group of 36 students from Year 8 during a visit from the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) in late March.

The IET Faraday Challenge tasked competitors with designing and prototyping a part for a drone of the future, based upon what they thought drones would be capable of doing.  This required students to put all their knowledge and creativity into practice to meet the needs of humanity – which is exactly what Engineering is all about!

Ideas ranged from drones that could automatically open a hatch in a house using a pressure pad, to drones that used a conveyer belt system, and drones that could deliver vital supplies to hostile environments.  After a full day of building, testing and presenting, one team was crowned the winner.  The group consisted of Yuki Gersaniba, Ethan Clarke, Ewan Norman, Mia Reay, Amelia Roberts and Nick Troughton, who received a trophy and vouchers to celebrate their win!

Participant Yuki Gersaniba said: “The highlight for me was that we could gather together as a proper team with real team spirit and to get the results and satisfaction from the challenge!”