Emmanuel students are building their way to success, brick by brick, in challenges ranging from complicated competitions to battling robots!

After the group of ten’s smashing victory when they came first in the 2016 Lego Space Challenge, they decided to compete again – but go bigger and better – at the Lego First League Animal Allies Challenge. The team had to programme a small robot to complete a series of animal-based challenges such as transporting shark tanks and rescuing small creatures. They came first in the presentation category with their colour-sensor squirrel trap, and second overall. Now the group spends its evenings helping the new 2017 team and building battle robots, with various attachments, for their own mini robot wars in College.

The new team competed in the 2017 Lego Space Challenge on 8 February. Some of their tasks included launching satellites and collecting rock samples. They came first in the morning session and second overall. The Caterpillar factory in Peterlee made a superb venue: students had a great time looking round the factory, admiring the huge trucks and learning a lot about the process of making vehicles.

It is most apt that Mr Thomas, Lego Club organiser, has recently been honoured with a Design and Technology Association Excellence Award for support in extra-curricular activities. He will receive the accolade at an Excellence Awards dinner on 24 March at the Institution of Engineering Technology in London. Congratulations to Mr Thomas, the Technology Department, and the budding Lego engineers!

Sophy Kay 8 Routledge and Raeanna Hill 8 Honey