Meet the bright stars leading their own mentoring scheme

Tuesday 19 July 2022

A bright idea became a reality when two Year 13 economists set up a student-led mentoring scheme in College.

Pre-Covid, Sophie Rowland and Manesha Sundar won first place in the regional Globalbridge Futurestars competition and were set to work with business leaders to launch and develop their idea for a mentoring scheme.  When the pandemic put a halt to these plans, the girls were not deterred, but started rolling out their idea, ‘YouTeach’, here in College in 2021.

There was great demand from GCSE students who benefited greatly from the one-to-one support, and the sixth form mentors discovered the truth of Joseph Joubert’s words, “to teach is to learn twice”.  A win-win situation for everyone!

Year 13 mentor Chloe Chia said: “Mentoring was fun and challenging as I often had to find a way to explain concepts that linked with the knowledge they already had, which my patience and communication skills have greatly benefited from.  It was also great to see the moment they were able to make the connections.  Where there were a few gaps in my knowledge, these sessions helped me identify them.”

Mentee Amber Wright (Year 11) explained how the scheme had benefited her: “I found the mentoring sessions very helpful and my grades improved.  I think having a smaller group makes it easier to ask questions and improve understanding.”

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