MAAN Poster V5Leonato, the wealthy Governor of Messina welcomes Don Pedro and Don John to his home.  These brothers are recently reunited after a fierce battle that Pedro won forcing his half-brother John to surrender.

So all is well then?  Well not quite; John hates his half-brother Pedro with a passion and will stop at nothing to destroy him and his loyal soldiers and friends, Benedick and Claudio.

Meanwhile Leonato’s young and beautiful daughter Hero is making eyes at handsome Claudio who falls head over heels in love with her.

Hero’s feisty, intelligent cousin Beatrice is taking any opportunity she can to start a war of words with the witty, dashing and definitely single Benedick.  Apparently each one loathes the other and will never settle down and definitely never marry; now there’s a challenge!

At a fancy dress mask party arranged to celebrate Don Pedro’s arrival, things start to get interesting.  Pedro tells Hero that Claudio is in the mood for marriage, Beatrice tells Benedick exactly what she thinks of him, and John stirs things up tricking Claudio into believing that Pedro is flirting with Hero!  But when Leonato announces that Hero and Claudio will marry then all is well – yes?

No! John is seething! With his loyal followers Borachio and Conrade he schemes to destroy Claudio’s marriage.  There’s a plan involving a balcony and Margaret (Hero’s maid) and … well the rest is much ado. Whilst John is scheming, the arguing between Beatrice and Benedick is becoming such a problem that their friends decide to make them fall in love with one another.  Why not?  They are perfect for each other!

So … Will Claudio and Hero marry?  Will John get his revenge on Pedro?  Will Beatrice and Benedick fall in love?  Will John and his men get caught?  Who knows?  It’s all “Much ado about Nothing!”

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