Emmanuel College has been placed in the top 15 state comprehensive schools in the country.

Ranked at number 14 in The Sunday Times Parent Power survey for students’ performance in GCSE and A level results in the summer of 2014, the college is one of only three schools in the North east to make the top 20 among non-selective schools.

The table confirms the college’s results as 69.6 per cent of all A levels being at grade B or better, while 40.5 of all GCSEs were grade A or A*.

parent power 2Emmanuel also made the top 200 state secondary schools nationally when those that select their students on academic performance, such as grammar schools, are included, rising from last year’s 165th place to 158th this year.

Students smashed the college’s own remarkable record for A level results in 2014. Four students achieved four A*s, six gained three A*s and 37 – nearly a third of the year group – got three As or better.

The top student at GCSE was Claire Robson, who achieved 12 A*s with a performance average across all her subjects of 96 per cent.