Pen poetry, embrace equality, love the library

Tuesday 6 June 2023

This year, the library has been hosting spectacular events one after another.  From science to poetry, the celebrations have been designed to inspire each student to get more involved in College life and to spark a love for reading.

In February, the library displayed inspiring books and posters to celebrate the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, which coincides with the UN Assembly for Women and Girls in Science.  Students in the lower years were encouraged to get more involved in STEM subjects and embrace opportunities that were not given to female students in the past.  And who would not be inspired by the example of fantastic female scientists in history, such as the astronaut, Mae C Jemison, and the computer scientist, Ada Lovelace!

March saw a whole host of exciting events.  The library marked International Women’s Day on 8 March to celebrate the amazing women we use as role models in society.  Mrs Lane was joined on our morning broadcast by Head Girl, Sumayah Djabali, for a discussion about #embraceequity.  Topics ranged from the great representation we have here at Emmanuel College with women in leadership positions, to the diverse ethnicities of modern-day feminists.  There was a fantastic display in the library which honours these ladies and a selection of books available which are suitable for all age groups.

To whet students’ appetite for more reading, our Librarian, Mrs Lane, hosted Emmanuel College’s very first book-tasting café!  With tables clothed in gingham and menus laid out, the ravenous young readers were invited to choose a book from the menu.  Waiter service brought the book to their table, where they could enjoy the read, with the option of taking the book home if they liked.

To round off the month, students in the lower years celebrated World Poetry Day by reading poetry inspired from around the world.  Brave volunteers from Years 7, 8 and 9 read their favourite poems about culture, with themes such as identity, relationships, and nature.  There was also a poetry competition which challenged students to write their own poem.  It was wonderful to see students using poetry to express their personal beliefs and strengthen their skills in public speaking.

Many thanks to Mrs Lane for organising these fabulous events