Robots go bananas to win place at National Final

Saturday 21 May 2022

The Key Stage 3 Robotics team, ‘Technically charged bananas’, truly did go bananas when they were crowned winners of a regional Robotics Challenge and awarded a place in the National Final at the BIG BANG event in the NEC Birmingham.

In late May, our Key Stage 3 Robotics team competed virtually in the regional heat of the EEP (Environmental Education Project) Robotics Challenge.  Despite competing from the humble confines of Room 19, the atmosphere was electric and the team conducted themselves fantastically, completing all challenges as if they were at a physical competition.  “I made a ‘speed challenge’ car that had to be the lightest possible and have the least drag,” said team member, Riley Cockell.  “I had to bring all my engineering experience to the task, to make sure the car could get from point a to point b in the fastest time possible.”

After a very tense week’s wait for the results, we learned the outcome: the team were crowned overall winners of the heat!  We offer our huge congratulations to the team, which consists of Joseph Kitchin, Isaac Flecknell, Will Bridgewood, Riley Cockell and James Wallace.  

“We were so happy when we found out we’d won,” said Riley.  “The whole experience was so exciting!”