Top innovators say ‘YES!’ to the British National Final

Wednesday 11 May 2022

A team of Year 10 students has won a place in the British National Final of the Young Economic Summit (YES!) competition and will now work with German researchers as they vie for a place in the International Final.

The group of five – Grace Oliver, Ieuan Liversidge, Elizabeth Webster, Andrew Richardson and Matilda Walker – were tasked with finding an innovative solution to one of today’s most pressing global challenges.  There was a range of topics to choose from, including discrimination and migrant integration, sustainable flight with hydrogen, and setting taxes instead of lockdowns to reduce deaths during pandemics.

The team chose to consider solutions to the Paris climate targets, and they brought a whole range of innovative ideas to the table – from creating more web browsers where money from adverts is used to plant trees, to higher taxation to fund research into CO2 direct air capture, and even solar engineering, in which sunlight is reflected back into space.  “We had a great time working with each other to finalise our project and research climate change and the Paris climate summit,” said Andrew.  “The experience of taking part in such a competition, especially with none of us taking GCSE Economics, has been challenging, but extremely enjoyable!  I think we can all agree that we’ve done very well and come together as a team fantastically to get this far in such a challenging competition.”

The group were selected as one of just five teams who will compete in the British National Final this summer at the University of Warwick.  Work with the German researchers is due to begin imminently, and we hope that our students are one of the two winning teams who will advance to the International Final, held in Hamburg, Germany in September 2022 (all expenses paid).  “Let’s hope the next thing we’ll have to teach ourselves is German!” quipped Andrew.