Tutor2U Economics Conference, Manchester

Friday 9 December 2022

In economics, particularly microeconomics, we analyse the marginal costs and/or marginal gains which arise because of the production or consumption decisions made by economic agents.  It is usually the case that individuals make decisions based entirely on their own private benefits and costs.  If the marginal (additional) benefits of a decision outweigh the marginal costs, economic agents will proceed with a particular behaviour until they have fully exploited all the potential marginal benefits.


With this in mind, GCSE and A level economists made a rational decision to participate in the recent Tutor2U (T2U) economics conference, where the T2U team focused on honing exam technique in pursuit of those marginal gains.  We shared the financial burden with staff and students from Harton Academy, splitting the cost of the coach hire.  Very economical!


Practice, precision, and performance were the watchwords of the day.  Practice regarding the fact that students need to make time to practise defining key terms, drawing economics diagrams, and applying theory in context.  Precision particularly with regard to writing like an economist, for example, not simply talking about ‘inflation’, rather specifying the type of inflation, such as cost-push or demand-pull.  Performance in terms of those marginal gains that can be exploited by devoting oneself rather selfishly to revision.