At Emmanuel we look to inspire personal, moral and spiritual development within a Christian framework.  Through lessons and the wider curriculum, we encourage students to understand the world and their place within it.  We believe it is important to develop a positive attitude to charitable giving as it is fundamental to our Christian ethos.  The Bible sets forth important principles of how we should put the needs of others before our own individual needs “for even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve” (Mark 10:45).  The core value of compassion is vital in this respect, which is defined as “feeling with someone else, and being moved to do something about it”.  However, our charitable giving should be more than just feeling pity.  We encourage students to give without any expectation of receiving something in return.  We recognise that it is not necessarily the amount that is given, but the attitude and the motives of sacrifice and generosity which are of primary importance.

Students are, therefore, asked to respond to their learning with the aim of making a difference in both their local environment and the wider world in which they live.  As students prepare for adulthood they should be challenged to match the privileges with the responsibilities of adulthood.  Emmanuel College seeks to stretch students in this way by organising events, promoting charities and charitable giving.  We want to support student ideas and initiatives as well as providing information through talks, assemblies and special events.  Students are encouraged to give more than just monetarily to good causes.  Many charities need other resources such as labour, canvassing or promotion.

Charitable Giving

Each term, the College aims to raise money for one of the three nominated College charities.  A variety of events are organised which give the possibility of fundraising.  Feedback on the recent activities of these charities is important to motivate students to give.  Charities are encouraged to send a representative to College in order to give feedback to students in assemblies or special lectures.  Opportunities are also available for written reports within Emmanuel publications, and video through the Emmanuel College SELECT plasma screens.

ESF AfricaTerm 1 – The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir and the Molly & Paul Childcare Foundation

Term 2 – Nokuphila School (Love Trust)  based in South Africa.

Term 3 – Health and Hope, supporting the amazing work of Dr Sasa.

In addition students can suggest other charities that they would like to support by organising a one-off event or activity.  This process is co-ordinated and supported by the College Charities Committee.

Charities at Emmanuel

Students are encouraged to react to the events and issues that they see and experience in the world around them.  Within the College calendar, space is given to charitable fundraising.  Students can identify charities they wish to support and contact the College Charities Committee to be allocated one of the four reactive charity positions each term.    Charities we have worked with include The People’s Kitchen, Walter’s Kitchen, Blythswood Care, Gateshead Food Bank, The Poppy Appeal, St Oswald’s Hospice, Victim Support, The Meningitis Trust and Cancer Research UK.